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Tax Controversy Consultations

Have you attempted to handle your tax matter alone just to find yourself confused? If yes, contact NYAR TAX today for a tailored, complimentary consultation!

IRS Collections

Being indebted to the IRS can cause a substantial amount of stress to you and your family. Penalties and interest continue to accrue on tax debt until full payment is made. Protect your household and invest in a successful tax relief blueprint.

IRS Appeals Representation

If you simply ignore the IRS, you are potentially missing critical deadlines and robbing yourself of effective solutions, such as the opportunity to present your case to the Appeals Division.  With assertive representation, the Appeals Division may be a strategic method for sound tax resolution. 

Tax Lien & Levy Resolution

Failure to pay a tax debt can result in the goverment’s legal claim against your property in the form of a lien. Essentially, the lien preserves the goverment’s interest in such items as your real estate, personal property and financial assets. If you’re a business owner, the lien attach to all business property, including accounts receivables

Delinquent Tax Returns

Failure to file a tax return is a crime. Not only will the IRS pursue you, if you are owned any tax refunds, you may forfeit your right to any money if you fail to file within a statutory time period. Unfiled tax returns immediate attention. At NYAR TAX , clients are more than their balance sheets and their tax debts. We value enganing client relationship and provide individualized attention to comprohend unique circumstances and device solid plans

IRS Employment Tax Matters

Many business owners neglect to pay employment taxes especially when own a struggling business. By doing this, businesses are ultimately borrowing money owned to the IRS to keep their businesses viable. Revenue officers are highly trained to conduct and oversee such meticulous inquiries and will often make surprise visits to your office or place of business. Contact NYAR TAX for an immediate professional assessment on employment tax matters.

Independent Contractor / Employee Classifications

Properly classifying employees and independent contractors is a must for every business owner. These titles are more then just labels, and it is essential to evaluate the actual duties of an individual to determine the accurate classification. Determining who is an employess and who is an independent contractor has significant tax consequenses.

IRS Tax Audits

The IRS audits millions of Americans each year seeking to secure billions of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties. In an IRS tax audit, IRS officers will aggresively scrutinize tax returns and tax payment history to indentify all potential liabilities owned. NYAR TAX is trained to conduct in-depth analyses and identify proficient tax resolutions.

IRS Tax Compliance

Successful tax resolution requires that taxprayers become compliant with all appicable tax laws and remain in compliance. Foremost, it is vital to identify any missing tax returns and accurately file them as soon as possible. at NYAR TAX, we simplify and monitor tax compliance for our client, educating them on tactics that will keep both individuals and businesses in good standing with the IRS.


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Jim Kochran


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Jerry Shaw


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“I am so thankful for Grey, Kochran & Shaw. Their firm helped us get through some of the hardest times of our lives. They really care about their clients.”

Bobby Shane, Family Law Client


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